Our presenters often get as much out of their presenting experience as the members do, exchanging ideas and information on a wide range of topics and issues. See what some of our presenters had to say:

Vice President
J.P. Morgan Private Bank

My TIGER 21 clients are the best-informed and most knowledgeable of all my clients. I think this is because they have access to so much knowledge and information from one another and their Groups that they are truly better-informed and more sophisticated consumers of financial advice. Each TIGER 21 Group meeting I have visited as a presenter has had an open family-like atmosphere, where those around the table are giving feedback and acting as sounding boards to each other. Let’s face it, managing significant wealth is more complicated than ever. Successful entrepreneurs and investors who have the time and want to learn will find that TIGER 21 offers them a unique “family away from home” where they can openly discuss any aspect of managing their wealth, from investing to family issues and beyond.

Chief Investment Officer
Tiedemann Wealth Management

In my experience, TIGER 21 meetings have been very well organised events that cover a variety of topical issues and frequently have exceptional presenters. The room is filled with hard working, self-made entrepreneurs who have the intellectual curiosity to invest their time in learning all aspects of investment management. They rely on one another to share important information and make introductions, and have created a very powerful network of investors in doing so. The meetings tend to be very direct and the questions thoughtful. They are openly seeking optimal solutions for their families, and their culture of information sharing most certainly benefits all Members. It is a highly energised group of families that have been a pleasure to present to and work for.

Room to Read

Not only has TIGER 21's "collective intelligence" helped its Members become more astute investors in financial markets, it has also provided them an avenue for collective philanthropy and social action. As a group, TIGER 21 Members and staff have invested more than $240,000 in support of Room to Read, which acts as a catalyst of opportunity for children’s education through building schools, libraries, publishing local language books and providing educational opportunities for girls in Asia and Africa. Generous support from TIGER 21 Members and staff provides children with a "hand up" rather than a "hand out" and will create a lasting legacy in support of global literacy and gender equality in education.

Chairman & Chief Investment Officer
Cumberland Advisors

I have presented to TIGER 21 Groups around the country. TIGER 21 Members have a common attribute besides their accumulation of investable assets – They are skilled observers of the global financial scene and keep current and informed. Their questions are incisive, succinct and direct, which is what makes these presentations both challenging and informative for me.

Senior Vice President
RBC Wealth Management

I've been involved with TIGER 21 for the past five years and have been personally responsible for many of my clients and friends becoming TIGER 21 Members. As the senior member of a wealth management team, I’m very aware of the uncertainties facing the most sophisticated of investors. Below are just a few important values TIGER 21 offers to help “lift the clouds” and show clarity on the global markets: 1.) At most group meetings, Members begin by discussing what is truly going on in the world as it affects the financial arena. Because they don’t sell anything, they have the ability to offer exposure to some of the most successful money managers, hedge funds, insurance specialists, T&E specialists, tax specialists, and “family” advisors who deal with issues like raising children in wealthy families. 2.) Although I take great pride in the services offered at RBC, I tell my clients that TIGER 21 covers so much more than any open architecture wealth management platform available on the street today- even at the largest wire house firms on Wall Street. 3.) TIGER 21 Groups are fraternity/sorority like- they share their investment portfolios as well as their personal issues. I’ve heard many Members say that they wouldn’t invest in a new strategy unless it was vetted and approved by their Group. I will be happy to continue recommending TIGER 21 to my clients and friends.

Principal and Director
Buckingham Family of Financial Services

I have spoken to most of the TIGER 21 groups. The Members, a number of whom have become my clients, ask tough questions and expect good answers. They are highly engaged and motivated to learn about and apply the science of effective investing. The Members' intellectual curiosity is balanced by their healthy - and understandable - sense of skepticism.

Legacy Resources, LLC

It may have been seven or eight years ago, when one of my clients first approached me about speaking to his TIGER 21 Group about the challenges of leaving a legacy of significance. His enthusiasm for TIGER 21 was contagious, and I wanted to learn more about the membership experience. Since then, I have referred more of my clients to TIGER 21 and will continue to do so. Why? In my experience, wealth holders often live in silos. It’s understandable, but certainly not ideal. TIGER 21 provides a context for community and leverage. If there is “wisdom in crowds,” to reference the popular book title and truism, then there is also wisdom in finding one’s own crowd, or circle of peers. TIGER 21 makes this easy. I encourage you to find yours!

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