Throughout our history, we have invited presenters who are world-renowned thought leaders in every area that is relevant to our members. Our speakers are among the most well-known, well-recognised names in every field. We bring in best-selling authors, government leaders, pioneers in medicine, captains of industry, innovators in security, change agents, and thought leaders. We provide exposure to interesting opportunities, varied perspectives, and access to the best and the brightest speakers of our time.

Headliner Programme

The TIGER 21 Headliner Series is a premier event that attracts some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders. In an intimate setting, Members hear from notable presenters such as Carl Icahn, legendary corporate raider turned shareholder activist, and George Mitchell, former United States Senate Majority Leader. We have had Ray Kelly, former NYPD Police Commissioner, and Austin Berglas, former FBI Cyber specialist, talk about security in the wake of the Paris attacks; Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Labs, speak about biomedical innovations; and Ambassador Dennis Ross discuss the prospects for peace in the Middle East.

Through archived recordings, we are able to bring our world class speakers to all Members, regardless of location. To listen or download a past Headliner Presentation click on the Headliner Event Audio Archive icon below.

Presenter Programme

Most of our Presenters are invited by Group Leaders to present on topics from within one of the following three categories:


The majority of our investment-related presentations focus on Alternative Investments, Real Estate, Wealth Management, and Asset Allocation. In addition, we have speakers who present on Public Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, and a variety of other investment-related subjects. For a complete listing of topics classified under the Investing category, please visit our Presenter Archive.

Lifestyle & Family

As the title suggests, Lifestyle & Family pertains to topics that relate directly to issues that our Members (and their families) deal with every day. We cover topics that may be difficult or uncomfortable to discuss with friends, relatives or financial advisors, such as Family Dynamics, Legacy, Security, Healthcare, and an array of other personal issues. For a complete listing of topics classified under the Lifestyle & Family category, please visit our Presenter Archive.


Throughout the course of the year, our Landscape presenters offer our Members many opportunities to learn about and explore the complex and difficult struggles facing our community, nation and world. Topics include the Economy, Environment, International Relations and National Security. TIGER 21 does not have a particular political stance or point of view. We simply recognise that the best way to ensure that our Members make sound decisions is to understand the political, economic and international influences that affect our lives today. For a complete listing of topics classified under the Landscape category, please visit our Presenter Archive.

Headliner Programme

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